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Beta Testing Underway

Beta Testing Underway

A few weeks ago we began beta testing our finished courses, as well as some "mostly" finished courses, in addition to a few courses that are still very much in progress. 

Beta testing, of course, is useful for us as the instructor and course developer to get feedback from our target learners, and to hear what their experiences are so far. This will help us improve anyting that seems confusing, as well as point out to us anyting that is "broken" that we can take a look at and hopefully fix smile.

Based on their feedback, we will do our best to make improvements where we can. We know it is impossible to make a course that is "perfect" for everyone, but we strive to make both large and small improvements where we can. Somethings we may not be able to change for certain design considerations or platform limitations, but we genuinely take user feedback into consideration so that we can improve our courses across numerous dimenisons, whether it be organization, content, design, accessibility, etc. 


Lia and Liam

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